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My independent class is held on zoom monthly on Tuesdays at 6:45pm for 4 weeks for $150. And in-person, on camera, audition class in studio in Vancouver, a 2-week class every month on Thursdays at 6:30pm for $140.

Contact ingridtorrrance@gmail.com to inquire.

In this class you will learn how to avoid common pitfalls of auditioning, from rattled nerves to simply being too “Canadian.” Using sides from contemporary film and television, working with one of Vancouver’s most highly sought-after audition coaches, you will develop confidence in the audition room and master the skills it takes to book roles.

Under Ingrid’s guidance, you will learn the nuts and bolts of how to make well thought-out, committed, and interesting choices that leave a lasting impression with casting directors. You will also learn how to take audition sides and make them work on-camera visually, as well as how to prepare effectively for a wide range of auditions and situations.

Expect results!

Beatty Street Studios Teacher On-camera Auditioning 2014-present
Studio on the Drive Teacher On-camera Auditioning 2003-2014
Studio on the Drive Teacher Workshops, Beginners class and scene study 2004-present
New Image College Teacher Acting Classes 2008-present
School Creative Teacher Teens Level 1 & 2 2008
School Creative Teacher Advanced Scene Study 2007-2008
Second Ave. Studios Teacher Kids & Teen Acting Camps 1998-2007
Master’s Guide Workshop Teacher/Host Advanced Acting self created group workshop 2005-2007
Hobbs Talent Teacher Commercial Workshops 2004-2006
Trinity Western University Guest Teacher Director’s Program May 2005
Trinity Western Guest Teacher Acting Program May 2005
Independent Classes Teacher On-camera Audition, Commercial workshops & Kids Classes May 2005
BCIT Guest Teacher Director’s Program with Director Gil Shilton 2005
Second Ave. Studios Teacher On-camera classes 1998-2004
Second Ave. Studios Teacher Scene Study for T.V./Film 2004
Red Room Studios in Nanaimo Teacher Audition Technique 2002-2003
Red Room Studios Teacher Teen Audition Class 2002-2003
Red Room Studios Teacher Kids 5 & up on-camera 2002-2003
Second Ave. Studios Teacher Beginners Audition Class 2002
Howard Hill Agency Teacher On-Camera Audition Workshop 2000
South Delta Secondary Guest Teacher “A Career in Film/T.V.” 1995
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