Personal Acting Coach          T.V./ Film   1995 – Present: On-set, Pre-set, Screen Tests, and Auditions.

Ron Artest/Meta World Peace, for Lifetime’s “Eleventh Victim”, Director/Producer request 2011
Cast, for Lifetime’s “Christmas Returns to Canaan”, dialect coach, Producer/Director request 2011
Shaun Sipos, for “Life Unexpected”, season 2, Executive Producer request 2010/2011
Bobs and Lolo, for pilot presentation for “Treehouse” 2011
Amber Hay, “Paparazzi Princess”, Director request 2007
“Christmas in Canaan”, acting coach, 2008, producer/director request
‘Interns’’, entire cast, 4 episodes, N Network, various directors, 2007 (Executive Producer request)
“They Wait”, Brightlight Pictures, director Ernie Barbarash:
– Acting Coach for Regan Oey (10 years old), Lead 2007
– Acting Coach/Dialogue Coach for Henry O (“The Last Emperor”), Lead 2007
– Dialogue Coach for Cheng Pei Pei (“Crouching Tiger”), Lead 2007
– Dialogue Coach for Jaime King, Lead, 2007
– Dialogue Coach for Karina Lombard (“Legend’s of the fall”, “The L Word”), Series Lead “The 4400”, 2006 (Producer request)

Stacy Keibler, for “Samarai Girl”, Producer request 2008
Cierra Ramirez, for “Girl in Progress”, Director request 2011
Rafi Gavron, for “Life Unexpected”, season 1, Executive Producer request 2009/2010
Shaun Sipos, for “Life Unexpected”, season 2, Executive Producer request 2010/2011
Bobs and Lolo, for the Pilot shoot for “Treehouse” 2011
Karina Lombard, for “The 4400″, Producer request 2006

“Fear Itself”, NBC/Lionsgate, coach for auditions in Vancouver working directly with Producer in Casting sessions with direction for on camera auditions, 2008.  (Producer request)

COACHING (selected credits):
– Acting Coach for Cameron Bright (“Twilight Series”, “Birth”, “Ultraviolet”) on-going
– Acting Coach for Victoria Tennant (“Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”), child actor, On-going
– Acting Coach for Christie Lang, one week in New York Jan.’04, for “All My Children” Screen Test Series Lead
– Acting Coach for Christie Lang, Series Lead Test “Falcon Beach”, 2006
– Acting Coach on-going for Matreya Fedor, child actor, (“Slither”)
– Acting Coach for Devan Sawa (“Final Destination” Lead), pilot season tapings, multiple roles, January 2004
– Acting Coach for Carmen Moore, general auditions (“Godiva’s” Series Lead)

Selected Referred Coaching:
Maureen Webb (Casting), Corinne Clark (Casting), Studio on The Drive, Deb Mahood at Lucas Talent, Howard Hill Agency, Andrew McIlroy, Aaron Alexander at King Talent, Brenda Wong at Talent Co, Candice Elzinga (Casting)

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